My viewpoints in this blog don't take into consideration the other reasons why people run. All I'm concerned with is achieving a very high standard of running and improvement thereafter. Many people might think that I don't enjoy running for the sake of it.  I do and that's why I compete, because I want to take my running to the highest level I possibly can. I find real joy in beating people and in seeing my times get faster and faster. I love the feeling of running with my amazing teammates and gradually find myself really running with them in a challenging work-out. It's an incredible feeling of achievement.

This blog isn't about the thousands of people who run for charity, nor the people who run for fitness, nor is it about the people who train for a marathon just to say that they've completed one. If they want to read my blog, GREAT! They'll gain another runner's perspective on the sport and maybe one day, some of them might want to compete too.

I'm taking the Pearl Izumi approach and being unapologetic about my opinions. Go ahead, and "run like an animal."  I admire their spirit: If I want to run, I should run with all my heart; If I want to be fast, I have to push myself to new limits... 

My attitude isn't elitist; I'm still trying to claw my way up to being a fast runner. But...this is a competitive runner's blog and I am expressing my feelings about my personal performance, my effort in daily training runs...my sport. If some people reading this blog have a problem with the way I feel about running, then they don't have to read it. Quite frankly, they don't understand how I feel.

I will not apologise for my viewpoints about running. You don't have to agree with everything I say, but please...don't tell me how I'm supposed to feel or that I need an attitude adjustment.  It's not for you to decide.